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Hierarchies of company's head office/business english
30.11.2015, 20:53

Job descriptions are formal summaries of the responsibilities and duties of the

 personnel on the job. While studying employee’s job descriptions of a fictional

company try to determine to whom each employee reports, whom he

supervises, with whom he has contacts on a regular basis.

Vice-President of Administration and Operation oversees the departments of 

Data Management and Facilities Operations, reviews and evaluates their 

performance and needs. Ensures that department policies, goals and 

procedures conform to the general company policies, goals and procedures.

 Reviews and evaluates the performance of the Data Manager, the Operations

 Manager, and the Administrative Secretary. Reports to the Company President.

Administrative Services Secretary provides administrative secretarial support

 to the Vice-President of Administration and Operation. Prepares 

correspondence, reports, and memoranda to the Vice-President. Screens 

incoming calls, schedules meeting and appointments for the Vice-President.

 Reports directly to the Vice-President.Data Supervisor supervises data team. 

Assigns and supervises daily work schedules for Data Analysts. Evaluates 

clerical staff assignments. Reports to the Data Manager.

Data Analyst analyses production costs, output capabilities, and production 

performance. Projects future costs, needs, and capabilities. Submits written

 analysis and to the reports to the Data Supervisor. 

Data Manager oversees all office functions. Manages office staff. Reviews and 

evaluates the Clerical Supervisor, Data Supervisor, and Administrative 

Assistant. Allocates and schedules major project assignments. Conducts office 

meeting. Determines training needs of the staff. Reports to the Vice-President 

of Administration and Operations.

Administrative Assistant provides general administrative support to the Data

 Manager. Acts as a liaison to the other departments. Assists in policy 

formulation. Reports to the Data Manager.

Clerical Supervisor supervises clerical team. Assigns daily work schedules for 

clerical staff. Checks routine work for accuracy. Coordinates data, reports and 

typing work load with the Data Supervisor, makes oral and written reports to 

the Data Manager.

Clerk Typist types office correspondence, data reports, memoranda; files, 

answers income calls, takes messages for the division. Reports to the Clerical 


Operations Manager oversees all facilities operations.  Authorizes major 

repairs, building work and equipments orders. Evaluates Building Maintenance 


Building Maintenance Supervisor makes daily work assignments for custodial

 and maintenance staff. Assesses overall facilities cleaning and condition.

 Authorizes minor work orders. Evaluates custodial and maintenance  staff

 assignments. Reports to the Operations Manager.

Maintenance Engineer is responsible for routinely inspecting and repairing

 company facilities. Replaces and fixes faulty equipment. Repairing windows 

and fixtures. Inspects overall  maintenance condition of facilities and prepares

 work orders. Reports to the Building Maintenance Supervisor.

Custodian is responsible for routine cleaning of the interior facilities of the

 company. Sweeps, waxes, vacuums and dusts offices. Reports to the Building

 Maintenance Supervisor.  
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