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Apologising/english dialogues
13.10.2015, 17:59


Dialogue 1

- I'm afraid I've split ink all over the table-cloth.

- Oh, never mind about that. 

- I'm terribly sorry. Won't you let me pay for it?

- No, I won't hear of it.

Dialogue 2

- I'm awfully sorry, but I seem to have milaid your scarf.

- Oh, don't worry about that.

- I just don't know what to say. I'll replace it, of course.

- No, that's quite out of the question.

Dialogue 3

- I'm deadfully sorry, but I've broken a plate.

- Oh, that doesn't matter.

- I'm ever so sorry. Tell me where you bought it so I can get you another.

- No, certainly not. I wouldn't dream of letting you do that. 
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