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Renting an apartment/english dialogues
29.10.2015, 18:29

M:-This is the living room.                                                                         

K:-It's rather large.What about bed-rooms?                                                                             

-Let's have a look at them.They have a beautiful ocean view.                                                                                 

-How many closets are there?                                                                  

-Two clothes closets and a linen closet.                                                                                                           

-Where is the bathroom? (Opens the door to the bathroom.)                                                            

-It has a shower and a bathtub.Now let's go to the kithen.As you can see it's modern.It has a new sink and stove. There's space for a dishwasher.The refregirator's brand is new.Do you like the apartment?                                                                                                    

-Yes,I do. Unfortunately the rent is rather high.                                                                                                    

-You won't find anything cheaper in this neighborhood.                                                                                              

-I'll think it over.Thank you.                                                                      


(Two days later).                             

K:-I'd like to rent the apartment you showed me two days ago. Is it still available?                                                                                                             

M:-Yes,it is.                                                                                                       

-I'll take the apartment.I like it.                                                                    

-Okay.You can sign the lease in my office.

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