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Talking about flat/english dialogues for school
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Dialogue 1

— What flat do you live in?

— It’s rather large and comfortable. And a good thing about our flat is that the kitchen is rather big.

— Who do you live there with?

— I live there with my parents and my elder sister. And you?

— I live with my parents and grandparents.

— Are they still working?

— No, they are on pension.

— And where do they live?

— In a country house, not very far from Moscow. It takes me 35 minutes to get to the downtown.

— Do you have all modern conveniences?

— Sure. And our house is rather big. It’s a two -storied  building. I have a room of my own there. There is a big living room and a kitchen, but the bathroom is not very large.

— I’d like to come to your place. Can I do it tomorrow?

— Of course. Write down my address. See you tomorrow at 5 pm.

— Bye­-bye.

Dialogue 2

— What is your idea of the perfect flat?

— I don’t think it’s possible.

— Let’s try!

— OK. I think there will be ten rooms in it, including a large living room and a kitchen.

— But a person doesn’t need ten rooms.

— It’s only a dream. Besides, there will be a river or a lake not far from the house.

— What about flowers?

— Of course. There will be a lot of flowerbeds with different bright flowers.

— What about furniture?

— I dream about old pieces of furniture. I prefer this style. And there will be a home library in one of the rooms. You know, I’m a bookworm. I read a lot.

— Maybe you’ll draw such a perfect flat?

— Sure. Let’s meet tomorrow. I’ll show you my picture.

-   Bye­-bye.

— See you tomorrow. Bye.

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