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Visiting Kyiv/english dialogues
16.10.2015, 07:50


Dialogue 1

- Hello! I'm so glad to meet you. I don't have any friends in Kyiv. Could you tell me, is there much interesting to see?

- We have many places of interest here. Every part of the town has something interesting or beautiful. I have my car at the door of the hotel. Let me take you around the city. This is Khreshchatyk. It's the main street of the city. There are apartment houses, shops and government offices here.
- And what is that building?

- it's the City Council. Now let's see Volodymyr Hill and First of May park. We have a beautiful view of the Dnieper from these places.

- How long is it?

- It's relatively short. Only 1.200 metres long. 

- Oh, thank you ever so much!
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